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A 7th generation farm using technology to keep our business sustainable into the future.

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Van Slyke’s Dairy Farm, LLC is located in beautiful Wyoming County in western New York State. On our 7th generation farm, we work over 2,000 acres in and around the town of Pike and milk over 1200 cows to produce a high quality food product. It is our philosophy to be a good steward to our animals and our natural resources. We believe the responsible use of technology will keep our business sustainable into the future.

The Van Slyke family strives to maintain a well respected farm business that is considered "home" to about 25 very dedicated, hard working people. Our co-workers also believe in our practices, and they are without a doubt the key to our success!

Some recent recognition we have received as a result of our sustainable philosophy and practices include two distinguished awards. The 2009 Wyoming County Soil and Water Conservation District Farm of the Year, and the 2010 New York State Ag Enironmental Management Farm of the Year. We also assume the very important responsibility of taking excellent care of our animals. In the spring of 2010, our farm was the first in Wyoming County to be certified for cattle welfare under the New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program. It is an annual certification, and we are proud to announce that we passed our review inspection again for 2011.


Compost can be purchased by sending your order by email through the website, calling the farm at 585.322.6909, or ringing Ken's mobile number at 585.739.3761 (best option). The compost can be paid for by cash or check at the time of delivery or pickup. We do not accept credit cards. The compost is subject to sales tax. Payment is to be made at the time of sale, with special arrangements available based on volume of purchase.


Compost is available year round, with the peak season being from April to October. The compost can be delivered within 1-2 days of purchase in most cases, but planning ahead with an order is a good idea. The compost mixed with mulch is only available in the season of April to October. All other types are usually available year round, including bagged. However, the most mature, cured compost may run out during the growing season.

We are also selling it through several local retailers. The list is constantly growing and changing.

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Compost can be delivered six days a week (every day except Sunday). Someone is available from 6am to 6pm every weekday to deliver and/or load an order. We will deliver to any requested location. We can arrange shipping of the product to areas outside of WNY. We will deliver for free within 25 miles of the farm if the order is at least 10 cubic yards. The compost can be delivered in any quantity from 1 cubic yard up to 1000. This year’s rate for delivery beyond 25 miles or for loads smaller than 10 yards is $2.50 per loaded mile. The compost can be picked up by customers. We are open to load by chance or by appointment (recommended).